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We Oza Fibre Glass are the largest manufacturer of HDPE Spiral Storage Tank, PPFRP Storage Tank, FRP Canopy, FRP Motor Cover, FRP Rain Water Gutter, HDPE Chemical Tank, HDPE Vaccum Filter Nutch, HDPE Filter Nutch, PPFRP Scrubber, PPFRP Vaccum Filter Nutch, PPFRP Blower, HDPE Spiral Reactor, HDPE Scrubber, FRP Roof Sheet (Patra), PP Spiral Storage Tank, PPH Tank, PP Spiral Scrubber, PP Spiral Reactor, PP FRP Reactor, PP Tank , HDPE Tank, HDPE Stirrer (Agitator), PP Stirrer (Agitator), PP Filter Nutch, PPFRP Pipe, FRP Pipe, FRP Cooling Tower, FRP Lining, FRP Fire Hose Box, FRP Fire Bucket, FRP B.A Set Box, FRP Nutch Filter, MS PPFRP Stirrer (Agitator), HDPE Reaction Tank, PPFRP Reaction Tank, PPFRP Chemical Storage Tank, HDPE Filter, PPFRP Filter, FRP Raw Material ,PP Pall Ring, FRP Demper Valve, PP Demper Valve, PP PPH PPFRP Nozzle, HDPE Vaccum Reciever, HDPE PP PPFRP Hopper, HDPE FRP PPFRP Hood and all types of industrial molding work.

  • Name of CEO
    Mr. Vishnu .R. Oza
  • Year of Establishment
  • Nature of Business
    Manufacturer & Supplier

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